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Hey! So this is going to be a super short post, but this blog has moved. There was a couple of problems on this blog that I couldn’t seem to find where I could fix it, so I decided just to create a whole new blog so I wouldn’t have the problems anymore. My new blog has a new name, but other than that it’s the same as LiveLaughDolls. The name for my new blog is “Maple Street Dolls” and I think it suits the blog really well :) so, please go HERE to check out my ‘new’ blog! It was really hard trying to decided if I wanted to cope with LLD’s problems, or create a whole new blog and not have the followers from LLD anymore, but I was so sick and tried of LLD’s problems that I just decided to create a new one. So, PLEASE go follow my ‘new’ blog! I really want to gain all of my followers from LLD on MSD (which was 35!) :D

Yeah, so I said this would be a super short post, and look how long it is :P

See ya over at Maple Street Dolls! :)


P.S. Please don’t freak out thinking that all of my posts from LLD aren’t gonna be on MSD, I imported them all to my ‘new’ blog, so they’re still here :) oh, and another thing, I am not deleting LLD, I just won’t be posting anymore, all of my new posts will be on MSD.

P.S.S. Also, please ignore the messiness over at MSD, I’m still designing it :)

What They Think #1: Back to School


*So, you guys probably hate me now? I am SO sorry I didn’t get this post up last Thursday. I was SUPER busy that day, plus my camera died on me and I don’t have any batteries. It’s still dead, so this post is gonna be picture-less. Sorry! :)*

So you guys were probably looking forward to a photoshoot? Well, sorry to let you down, but I thought of something that I think you’ll like better. I’ll post this new ‘series’ about once a month, or whenever I have time. I’ll pick a topic, and I’ll let my dolls say what they think of it. Comment below if you want me to continue it! :) this month’s topic is ‘Back to School’. Enjoy!

Lindsey: “I’m just really glad school is in the winter, not summer, because summer is when the weather is really nice and you want to garden, not sit in a classroom doing school work. Winter is still nice, but you can’t plant things then.”

Kirsten: “I like school, but it’s not my favorite. I really don’t like shopping, so B2S shopping is super boring. Then I also don’t like it when it’s snowing and I have to go to school.”

Addy: “I don’t really hate school, but I don’t love it either. School is just really annoying when those days come were you either just wanna stay in bed all day cause it’s too cold out, or since it’s snowing you wanna play.”

McKenna: “School gets in the way of my life. Espesially gymnastics.”

Samantha: “I absolutely love going back to school! I love everything about it.”

Violet: “Me and McKenna actually agree on something: school gets in the way of our lives. The only thing I like about it is that I get to go shopping. But even then, I sometimes don’t like it because it’s school supplies shopping, not clothes shopping.”

Kit: “All of my life I’ve hated everything about school. Studying, homework, tests, reading, and writing… I hate all of it. Well, actually, I can’t say I hate everything about school, because I do really like lunch time.”

Saige: “I think school is okay, but it’s not my fav. I mean, I do like art, history, and geography, and I REALLY like school supplies shopping, but other than that I really don’t care for it.”

Ellie: “Oooooo, I LOVE everything about school!! From back to school shopping, math, science, and history, to homework, I LOVE IT!”

Ruthie: “I think school is wonderful. I love my English class, I’ve met lots of new friends, and I love my new teachers.”

Josie: “I am going to a new school this year, and at first, I was very nervous about it, but Samantha helped me through the first day, and it’s been going really well. English class is also my favorite.”

So, whaddaya think of it? Should I do more of these?

~ Abigail ♥



Hello, everyone, I have a huge apology to make.

I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted on here in over three weeks.

I’ve been busy with school, and other things, so I didn’t really have the time.

But, I promise by Thursday I’ll at least have a photo shoot up.

Also, I have moved my dollhouse (yep, again), but haven’t finished yet, so when I’m done with that I’ll have a huge dollhouse tour.

So, I bet you’re just really annoyed with update posts, huh?

Well, I’ll try not to post them as often. xD

Anyways, look forward to some type of post on Thursday.



P.S. As you’ve probably noticed, I changed up my blog look again. What do ya think?

Beforever Release!


Yay!!! Beforever is finally here! Today I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts on the new releases. I didn’t include everything, but most of the stuff I did. ;)

Samantha Doll, Book, and Accessories ~ $134

Here’s Samantha!! Uhh, I really don’t like her new meet outfit. I think it’s pretty, but doesn’t fit Samantha’s personality at all. Oh, and yay! AG raised up the prices! *Gives sarcastic looks*

Samantha’s Frilly Frock ~ $36

Uck, just UCK!

Samantha’s Bicycling Outfit ~ $34 

I think it’s alright, but I won’t be buying it.

Samantha’s Holiday Set ~ $64

This is SO cute!! But, for $64?! That’s insane!

Samantha’s Fancy Coat Set ~ $34

Eh, not my favorite, but it’s cute.

Samantha’s Nightgown ~ $24

Why is almost every single thing in Samantha’s collection pink? Waaayyyy too much of it for me.

Samantha’s Hairstyling Set ~ $22

I like the hat, but not enough for me to buy this set for $22.

Samantha’s Dog, Jip ~ $22

I won’t be buying him.

Samantha’s Bedtime Accessories ~ $44

That bear looks like Bitty Bear! Yeah, I’m not buying this either.

Samantha’s Bicycle ~ $115

 I think this is adorable, but not very historically accurate. Look up on Google to see what Sam’s old bike looked like, and compare it to this one. See the differences? I like it a lot, and I’d love to have a bike for my dolls, but definitely NOT for $115.

Samantha’s Ice Cream Parlor ~ $300

I WANT THIS!!! It’s SO CUTE!!! Just not for $300…

Samantha’s Bed & Bedding ~ $150

Wow, this has some amazing details, and it’s really pretty, but I’m not buying it.

Caroline is next! ;)

Caroline’s Party Gown ~ $36

Oh my goodness! This is hideous! I do not like this at all.

Caroline’s Table and Treats ~ $150

This reminds me of Marie-Grace and Cecile’s table and treats a lot. What do you think?

Next, is Josefina!

I LOVE HER NEW MEET OUTFIT!!! It’s so much more colorful!

Um, I really don’t like Addy’s new meet outfit.

Addy’s School Outfit ~ $34

I don’t really like this outfit either.

Addy’s Lunch Pail ~ $28

I LOVE this!!

I LOVE Rebecca’s new meet outfit! I think it’s a lot better than her old one. I don’t really like her accessories, though, that hat looks kinda weird to me. ;)

Rebecca’s Holiday Outfit ~ $34

This is so pretty!! I really like it :)

Rebecca’s Director Set ~ $75

I think it’s cool, but I won’t be getting it.

I WANT KIT”S NEW MEET OUTFIT!! It’s so adorable! I’m not gonna say that I like this one better than her old one because I really loved her old one (it has great mix-n-match pieces!), but I do really like this one ;)

Kit’s Reporter Dress ~ $28

I didn’t really like this at first, but now I do! That skirt is so cute! :)

Kit’s Photography Outfit ~ $34

Look how cute that sweater is! I think this is my favorite outfit from the new releases ;)

Kit’s Typewriter Set ~ $50

YAYAYAYAY!!! I’m so happy her typewriter is finally back!! I LOVED her old one, so I need this one!! :D

I LOVE Julie’s new outfit! it’s way better than her old one! Those purple glasses aren’t the nicest, but everything else is ADORABLE!!

Julie’s Tunic Outfit ~ $34

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! This is so cute!

Julie’s Winter Coat & Hat ~ $34

This is so cute! I need it! :D

Julie’s Holiday Outfit ~ $34

Ick. Uck. I don’t like this.

Julie’s Egg Chair ~ $100

I NEED THIS NOW!! I LOVE this!! I gonna start saving up my money now!



Oh, and I forgot to add Julie’s Snack Set for $50

I absolutely LOVE this set!!! Look at the popcorn and phone! I need! Lol

So, those are all of the releases! :D
I did realize that most of the clothes are now $34, instead of $28 :(

What do you think of the new releases? What are your favorites?

Bye, see you Sunday!


P.S. Visit the “Polls” page for a Beforever poll!


My Entry for AGPC Challenge One!


Hi everybody! I decided to enter Maddie’s AGPC, so here’s my picture:

AGPC pic 1

Please use this photo for the voting.


Doll: Josie!!

Story behind the photo: After a long day of school, Josie loves to snuggle up with Cooper, in a big, comfy hoodie, with music, and a snack, doing her homework. Her outfit consists of a hoodie that I got from the local Amish Market, a blue long-sleeve t-shirt from the Pretty Plaid Dress  from American Girl, and exclusive jeans from the AGP.

The photo above is completely unedited except for the watermark.

Now, here’s some more photos!

IMG_8712 IMG_8713 IMG_8717 IMG_8718 IMG_8719 IMG_8723



Meet Layla!


Hi everybody, Ruthie here! No, we didn’t get a new sister, but I did get a pet! Her name is Layla.



Isn’t she adorable?

Well, just like 2 hours ago, Abigail took me and Layla outside for a photoshoot! The above picture is part of it, but here’s more of them::IMG_8636











~ Ruthie & Layla <3 


Doll: Retired AG Ruthie Smithens

Dress: AG Kit’s Floral Print Dress

Shoes: Retired AG Saige’s Sweater Outfit

Dog: Walmart My Life As

Camera: Canon Powershot SX20 IS

Editing System:

Note from Abigail:

So in the last photoshoot I did with Josie, I asked people which doll they wanted me to do a photoshoot with next, and almost everyone said Ruthie. Well, this was it! I hope you enjoyed it. :) oh, and by the way, how do you like my new header? Also, please make sure to visit my page ‘Polls’ and vote! Oh, and another thing, I updated the ‘Meet the Girls’ page with Josie’s personality (Sorry there isn’t photos of some of the dolls), so make sure to check that out, too! :D Bye!

ADT: MAG #61


Whoa, two posts in one day?! Yay! Haha, I felt kinda bad just posting that lame update post, so I decided to do an ADT since I’m kinda behind in them xD. Today, I’ll be doing MAG #61 suggested by Maddie!



Here’s the beautiful #61! I think she’s adorable! :) Lots of people say she looks like Saige, but I don’t think so.


The differences between #61 and Saige is that, one: Saige has auburn hair, #61 has ginger hair.

Two: Saige has blue eyes and freckles, #61 has green eyes and no freckles.

I think #61 is beautiful, and if I got her, I would name her Ginger (Ginny for short),  or Melissa. What would you name her if you got her?

~ Abigail

Some updates!


Hello everyone! So, I just wanna say quickly that one, I changed my theme again! I don’t know what’s with me, but I just can’t find the right theme. ;) how do you like it? Two, I made a new page called ‘Polls’ and I would love it if you checked it out and voted. :)


Sorry this is such a short post, but my camera’s ‘on’ button is broke, and plus the batteries are dead, so I can’t exactly take pictures for a photostory or something.

~ Abigail



EEK! Only 6 more days till Beforever! Are you excited? I am! Even though I don’t really like the new books, and Samantha, and Addy’s new meet outfits, I’m still really excited! I found this image off of Living A Doll’s Life:


 Exciting, huh? I absolutely adore Kit, and Julie’s new outfits! :D I heard that AG will be selling the new meet outfits separately, so that’s good news for me because I already have Kit, and Josefina and I really want/need their new meet outfits! I’m really glad that Caroline’s meet outfit didn’t change that much, because I really like her old one ;)

~ Abigail

P.S. wow, I just realized that I used the word ‘exciting’ a lot.  xD

P.S.S. In case you’ve realized, the reason I have 40+ posts all of the sudden from March on, is because I just put all of my TDD posts on here.

What I Got at the AGP ~ July 2014


Heya peeps! I’m finally getting around to post what I got at the AGP! Yay! lol :P

(*Note: My camera was acting up the day I took these pictures, so sorry if they’re bad quality*)


The first thing I got was Julie’s Birthday dress! I’ve wanted this dress for a long time, and I’m so happy I have it in my collection now! :D


Here’s Addy modeling her blue dress! This dress is SO gorgeous, and Addy looks really pretty in it :)


Next is Isabelle’s Coral sweater! I think it looks really cute on Violet, and it has a lot of mix-n-match potential.


Then I got the exclusive bathing suit!


Whoa, this is really blurry, sorry! :/

I also got Julie’s Floral Jumpsuit! I LOVE the 70’s, so I had to get this! It’s so cute!


Then I got the exclusive D.C. t-shirt. I absolutely LOVE this!!

PicMonkey Collage

Both Ellie and Kit look adorable in Kit’s Floral Print Dress!!! It’s SO, SO, SO cute! It has to be one of my favorite doll clothing items I own. ;)

And the last thing I got was…


 THE GUITAR SET!!! You guys do not know how long I’ve wanted this! Look forward to seeing lots of photo-stories with Saige and her new guitar :)

So, there’s everything I got at the AGP! If you want me to do a review on anything, just comment down below and I’ll do it :)