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More Updates


Hey! So this is going to be a super short post, but this blog has moved. There was a couple of problems on this blog that I couldn’t seem to find where I could fix it, so I decided just to create a whole new blog so I wouldn’t have the problems anymore. My new blog has a new name, but other than that it’s the same as LiveLaughDolls. The name for my new blog is “Maple Street Dolls” and I think it suits the blog really well :) so, please go HERE to check out my ‘new’ blog! It was really hard trying to decided if I wanted to cope with LLD’s problems, or create a whole new blog and not have the followers from LLD anymore, but I was so sick and tried of LLD’s problems that I just decided to create a new one. So, PLEASE go follow my ‘new’ blog! I really want to gain all of my followers from LLD on MSD (which was 35!) :D

Yeah, so I said this would be a super short post, and look how long it is :P

See ya over at Maple Street Dolls! :)


P.S. Please don’t freak out thinking that all of my posts from LLD aren’t gonna be on MSD, I imported them all to my ‘new’ blog, so they’re still here :) oh, and another thing, I am not deleting LLD, I just won’t be posting anymore, all of my new posts will be on MSD.

P.S.S. Also, please ignore the messiness over at MSD, I’m still designing it :)

Mini Dollhouse Tour


Hi everyone! I took some pictures for the mini dollhouse tour, so I decided to post them today. (BTW, I’m not completely done with the house. I still need to add a few things. Also, if you want to know how I made something, just ask in the comments!)


Here’s the living room. I’m pretty much done with this room, except I have to add a few things to the bookshelf.


The kitchen is next to the living room. I’m pretty much done with this room.


Sorry if this picture is a little blurry.

Here’s the bathroom. I’m also done with it.


Here’s McKenna’s room! What I like about the new one is that it’s bigger.  Her old one was a lot smaller. I’m also done with her room.


Here’s Lindsey’s and Samantha’s room! All I have to do to their room is add some pillows. XD


Here’s Saige’s room! I think this is my favorite. I’m completely done with her room.


Next to Saige’s room is her horse, Summer’s, stable!


Across the hall is Addy’s, Kirsten’s, and Violet’s room! Violet has the top bunk, and Addy and Kirsten share the bottom. I’m also done with their room.


Here’s Ellie’s room! I just have to add some posters to her walls, and add some random things to her shelf and her room will be done! ;)


The last room in the house is Kit’s and Ruthie’s, and all I have to add to their room is some posters to the walls.

So that’s the tour! Hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, remember to comment them down below.


P.S. Today’s shout-out goes to AGDTime!