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Hello, everyone, I have a huge apology to make.

I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted on here in over three weeks.

I’ve been busy with school, and other things, so I didn’t really have the time.

But, I promise by Thursday I’ll at least have a photo shoot up.

Also, I have moved my dollhouse (yep, again), but haven’t finished yet, so when I’m done with that I’ll have a huge dollhouse tour.

So, I bet you’re just really annoyed with update posts, huh?

Well, I’ll try not to post them as often. xD

Anyways, look forward to some type of post on Thursday.



P.S. As you’ve probably noticed, I changed up my blog look again. What do ya think?

Beforever Release!


Yay!!! Beforever is finally here! Today I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts on the new releases. I didn’t include everything, but most of the stuff I did. ;)

Samantha Doll, Book, and Accessories ~ $134

Here’s Samantha!! Uhh, I really don’t like her new meet outfit. I think it’s pretty, but doesn’t fit Samantha’s personality at all. Oh, and yay! AG raised up the prices! *Gives sarcastic looks*

Samantha’s Frilly Frock ~ $36

Uck, just UCK!

Samantha’s Bicycling Outfit ~ $34 

I think it’s alright, but I won’t be buying it.

Samantha’s Holiday Set ~ $64

This is SO cute!! But, for $64?! That’s insane!

Samantha’s Fancy Coat Set ~ $34

Eh, not my favorite, but it’s cute.

Samantha’s Nightgown ~ $24

Why is almost every single thing in Samantha’s collection pink? Waaayyyy too much of it for me.

Samantha’s Hairstyling Set ~ $22

I like the hat, but not enough for me to buy this set for $22.

Samantha’s Dog, Jip ~ $22

I won’t be buying him.

Samantha’s Bedtime Accessories ~ $44

That bear looks like Bitty Bear! Yeah, I’m not buying this either.

Samantha’s Bicycle ~ $115

 I think this is adorable, but not very historically accurate. Look up on Google to see what Sam’s old bike looked like, and compare it to this one. See the differences? I like it a lot, and I’d love to have a bike for my dolls, but definitely NOT for $115.

Samantha’s Ice Cream Parlor ~ $300

I WANT THIS!!! It’s SO CUTE!!! Just not for $300…

Samantha’s Bed & Bedding ~ $150

Wow, this has some amazing details, and it’s really pretty, but I’m not buying it.

Caroline is next! ;)

Caroline’s Party Gown ~ $36

Oh my goodness! This is hideous! I do not like this at all.

Caroline’s Table and Treats ~ $150

This reminds me of Marie-Grace and Cecile’s table and treats a lot. What do you think?

Next, is Josefina!

I LOVE HER NEW MEET OUTFIT!!! It’s so much more colorful!

Um, I really don’t like Addy’s new meet outfit.

Addy’s School Outfit ~ $34

I don’t really like this outfit either.

Addy’s Lunch Pail ~ $28

I LOVE this!!

I LOVE Rebecca’s new meet outfit! I think it’s a lot better than her old one. I don’t really like her accessories, though, that hat looks kinda weird to me. ;)

Rebecca’s Holiday Outfit ~ $34

This is so pretty!! I really like it :)

Rebecca’s Director Set ~ $75

I think it’s cool, but I won’t be getting it.

I WANT KIT”S NEW MEET OUTFIT!! It’s so adorable! I’m not gonna say that I like this one better than her old one because I really loved her old one (it has great mix-n-match pieces!), but I do really like this one ;)

Kit’s Reporter Dress ~ $28

I didn’t really like this at first, but now I do! That skirt is so cute! :)

Kit’s Photography Outfit ~ $34

Look how cute that sweater is! I think this is my favorite outfit from the new releases ;)

Kit’s Typewriter Set ~ $50

YAYAYAYAY!!! I’m so happy her typewriter is finally back!! I LOVED her old one, so I need this one!! :D

I LOVE Julie’s new outfit! it’s way better than her old one! Those purple glasses aren’t the nicest, but everything else is ADORABLE!!

Julie’s Tunic Outfit ~ $34

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! This is so cute!

Julie’s Winter Coat & Hat ~ $34

This is so cute! I need it! :D

Julie’s Holiday Outfit ~ $34

Ick. Uck. I don’t like this.

Julie’s Egg Chair ~ $100

I NEED THIS NOW!! I LOVE this!! I gonna start saving up my money now!



Oh, and I forgot to add Julie’s Snack Set for $50

I absolutely LOVE this set!!! Look at the popcorn and phone! I need! Lol

So, those are all of the releases! :D
I did realize that most of the clothes are now $34, instead of $28 :(

What do you think of the new releases? What are your favorites?

Bye, see you Sunday!


P.S. Visit the “Polls” page for a Beforever poll!


Some updates!


Hello everyone! So, I just wanna say quickly that one, I changed my theme again! I don’t know what’s with me, but I just can’t find the right theme. ;) how do you like it? Two, I made a new page called ‘Polls’ and I would love it if you checked it out and voted. :)


Sorry this is such a short post, but my camera’s ‘on’ button is broke, and plus the batteries are dead, so I can’t exactly take pictures for a photostory or something.

~ Abigail



Hey everyone!  Sorry I haven’t posted on here for a week.  There’s been a lot going on!

So as you know I’ve gotten two new dolls — Ellie and Ruthie.  I introduced them on The Dazzling Dollies, and have been busy getting them settled in.  I wasn’t able to build a full room for Ellie yet, but Ruthie is sharing a room with Kit now. Also, I moved my whole dollhouse! The house looks completely different, so maybe I’ll do a mini tour of it.  Would you like to see the dollhouse?

On top of all that, my dolls are starting Camp Doll Diaries (All of those posts will be on my other blog; The Dazzling Dollies) this week!  They’re pretty excited. ;) I (Hopefully) will post them registering tomorrow.

By the way, every time I post on here, I’ll give someone a shout-out!  So if you know of any great doll blogs, let me know in the comments. :)

I know this is a boring post, but I’ll be posting more on here soon! :D


P.S. Today I’ll be giving a shout-out to Oh My Dollies!