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Kit’s Walk With Pepper


Hiyo! It’s Kit, your most popular writer on this blog. Anyways, today I had a fabulous time with Pepper!


“Oh, Pepper!” I yelled. “Pepper, where are you?”


“Oh! There you are.” I said as Pepper jumped into my arms.


“Wanna go on a walk with me?” I asked as I put his leash on. He barked, so I took that as a ‘Yes’ ;)


As soon as we walked out the door, Pepper ran so fast I let go of the leash.


Pepper, get back here RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Samantha is gonna kill me when we get home if she finds out that you ran away or something!” I said, in a panic.


No matter how much I yelled, Pepper would not come. I suppose he was smart enough to know that if he did, I would hold the leash again and wouldn’t let him run very far.


Finally, being the fabulous runner that I am, I caught him. Boy, was I relived that he didn’t run away!!


When I got him, I picked him up and said: “Pepper, you’re such a bad boy! Why would you do that to me? Samantha would have been devastated if she found out that you ran away and she wouldn’t see you ever again. She’d also kill me (Not literally, just verbally).


I couldn’t be mad at him for long, though. His eyes are just too sweet and loving :)


After I pet him for awhile, we got up and started walking again. When I caught him, we were on the first huge step. We still had to walk down the second one. Pepper jumped, but my legs are too short to do that, so I had to sit down and wedge my self off.


You see? If only my legs could grow a foot or so, then I could get down easily. (And then shrink back down to dollie-size after. I think it would look pretty weird if they were that long.)


IMG_5510 IMG_5513

After that, we started to walk again. . .



. . .Until Pepper smelled something in the grass. Whatever it was, he was super interested in it.


“Pepper,” I said, “C’mon’ lets go. We have a lot more walking ahead of us.” Then I tugged on his leash a little. I Didn’t tug too hard, though because I didn’t wanna hurt him.


Then, again, we started walking.


After we turned the corner, I started to get a little hungry, so we decided to head inside.


“Go on, Pepper, inside. It’s lunch time.”


With that, Pepper went inside. I guess he was hungry, too.


When we went inside, I sat down and took his leash off.


“Go on, Pepper,” I said, “You can go now.” Then I took my shoes off, and went to feed Pepper and eat lunch myself. I was starving! :D

Have a lovely day,

~Kit XD

Abigail’s Dollhouse tour ~ Part 2


Hi, everybody!! We’re SO Sorry  took so long to post the second part of the dollhouse, we’ve been busy.

Anywhoo, here’s the rest of the dollhouse, hope you enjoy!!!!!


 Hey guys!! McKenna here! Today I’m going to be showing you my room (I really don’t care what the other sisters think, but I have the most awesome room in the house!!). Let’s get started!

Here’s the overview of my bedroom. Don’t you like my bedding?


Here’s my adorable dog, Cooper!! He’s the best dog ever <3 .



Here’s my desk/shelf/shadow box. I have my journal, water bottle, gym ID card, a bag of yummy trail mix, a tissue box, a book, my computer, and a gymnastics ribbon.


Here is where I keep my Pj’s, and my gymnastics clothes.


Here is my gymnastics bag, and soccer bag.

So, that’s my whole room!! Hope you enjoyed. Now, it’s time for Lindsey and Sam to show you their room!


Hi! Sam and Liz here! Today we are going to show you our room! (Liz is is green and Sam is in red, and both is black)


Here’s an overview.


Here’s our bed, and our stuffed animals. Um, let’s make it clear, your stuffed animals are the Chick-Fil-A cow, the Christmas bear, the white dog, and the mouse and seal. My stuffed animals are the brown dog, the England bear (he’s in the chair next to the pink pillow), and the white bear. Oh, sorry, Liz.


Here is my wonderful dog, Pepper, and my awesome dog, Coconut!!


Here’s my sewing nook!! On the table is my sewing machine, and then there’s Sam’s iPad.


Here’s our chair and Lindsey’s roller blades.

That’s out bedroom! Now it’s time for Saige to show you her bedroom.


Hello girls! Saige here, and I’m going to be showing you my bedroom! Let’s get started.


Here’s an overview of my bedroom.


Here is my bed. Don’t you like the pretty carving of the horse?


Here is my chest, I keep my Pj’s in there.


Here is my closet. I have a comfy chair, and my drawing station there!


Here’s a closer look at my chair and drawing station.


Here is where my adorable dog Meatloaf eats, sleeps, and plays (the black bin is where I keep his toys at), and where I keep my everyday accessories at.


Here is a closer look at Meatloaf :)

So, we hope you enjoyed part 2 ( we’re going to post part 3 tomorrow ;) )!!


Yours truly, Lindsey

With love always, Samantha ♥