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A Sister Photo-Shoot


Hi, guys! Long time no post, huh? I mean I haven’t posted in awhile. Kit just posted yesterday. Anyways, today Lindsey and I had a photo-shoot! Hope you enjoy!


IMG_5645 IMG_5647 IMG_5651

Silly Lindsey ;)

IMG_5656 IMG_5659 IMG_5660 IMG_5664


IMG_5665 IMG_5667


Bye, Have a great day!

~Sincerely, Saige~

Violet’s OOTD ♥ Red, White, & Blue

Pretty flowers :)

Pretty flower :)

IMG_5286 IMG_5290 IMG_5295 IMG_5293

Yeah, I know I don’t have much blue in my outfit, but the bow and hair tie in my hair counts, I guess. Anyways, happy late Memorial day!


What I’m wearing:

Dress: American Girl (Not sure if it’s a store exclusive or not. Comment below if you know.)

Shoes: AG Kit’s meet outfit

Bow: Claire’s

Bracelet: Handmade


~ V i o l e t ♥


Hey, guys!!!! :D


Hiyo, everybody! Kit here with some AWESOME news. But before I get started, Violet would like to say something….

Hey, girls! I’m so sorry that I didn’t post my OOTD yesterday. My sisters and I have been super busy. Kit will explain the rest…..

Ok, I’m back. So, as Violet said before, we’ve been super busy. What have we been so busy about??? Well, we had to pack for………………………….



Yes, that’s right. We are in Europe! Lindsey, Violet, Saige, and I all went to Europe with mom! It’s awesome. Now, Lindsey will tell you the rest (She got to ride in the plane with mom while the rest of us had to be in a stinky suitcase. Lucky her ;) )

Hi, guys!! As Kit said before, we’re in Europe! Serbia is actually where we are mostly at. I’m so happy I got to go! Anyways, now I’ll be telling you how packing went and the plane ride!


Here’s what our suitcase looked like after we were done packing. Violet seriously does not have her priorities straight. She kept packing things she really didn’t need. Um, yes, I did need the things I packed. I needed tons of clothes for my OOTD posts, hair accessories, my bags, etc. Yeah, ok, Violet. What ever you say. 


Here’s all of us in our travel outfits. For some reason, Violet always has to look fashionable. She always has to wear her skirts. Always has has to have her hair nice. And always has to have pretty accessories. The rest of us, though, went with the comfy style. (Yes, we did bring Pepper and Meatloaf with us, they’re gonna be in some of our posts!)


Here’s all of my sisters in the suitcase. I felt kinda bad for them since I got to be free in the plane with mom. They had to stay in that suitcase for a whole week before we even left for our trip, then they would still have to be in there for the whole trip (which was 24 hours). Kit said that she had it the worst since she went in at the bottom of the suitcase under all of the other sisters. While we are on our vacation, we all have to live out of our suitcase. We have to sleep in there, eat in there, and play in there. 

 *NOTE: The camera we used was in the suitcase so we didn’t get to take pictures of the first part of our trip. Sorry!*


So, guess where I’m at now?!?!?!?!? The Switzerland airport! That was where our lay over was, then we’d get on another plane to get to Serbia (That’s where we are mostly at). The first flight was 8 hours long! I had to sit there in my seat for Eight. Straight. Hours. It was pretty boring. Anyways, here’s some pictures of the Switzerland Airport…

(The airport had really bad lighting so sorry if the pictures are bad quality.)



(Yeah, sorry, I look like a ghost XD )

IMG_4685     IMG_4719

Here’s the Swiss airplane.


Yay, In the plane!!


Looking out the window :)


Mom let me sit in her seat before we took off!


Now we’re up in the air! Look at those tiny houses. We were actually flying above the clouds, it looked so pretty! <3

When we got off the plane, Mom didn’t have time to get out her camera and take pictures, so I’m just gonna jump forward to the car ride home ;)


Ah, finally in the car. It was such a long flight, I really wanted to get home! I got to sleep a little in the car, though, since it’s a several hour drive from the airport to the place we are staying. It took us even longer to get to where we are staying because there was tons of flooding and detours. We saw people walking in their yards with water above their waist.

So now we are finally settled in and and are having a great time! On Tuesday we plan to post more about where we are :)

~Kit XD

Violet ♥

Yours Truly, Lindsey


Lindsey’s Photoshoot ♥



Hi everybody! Lindsey writing. Today, I had a photoshoot. I think the pictures turned out great! Here’s some of the photos!!





Mom’s dog wanted to have a picture with me :P




I had to take my glasses off for this picture because there would have been a big glare if I didn’t.


I really don’t know why, but I really like this picture :)

So, there’s all of the pictures!

Do you like photography?

Yours Truly, Lindsey


Abigail’s Dollhouse tour ~ Part 2


Hi, everybody!! We’re SO Sorry  took so long to post the second part of the dollhouse, we’ve been busy.

Anywhoo, here’s the rest of the dollhouse, hope you enjoy!!!!!


 Hey guys!! McKenna here! Today I’m going to be showing you my room (I really don’t care what the other sisters think, but I have the most awesome room in the house!!). Let’s get started!

Here’s the overview of my bedroom. Don’t you like my bedding?


Here’s my adorable dog, Cooper!! He’s the best dog ever <3 .



Here’s my desk/shelf/shadow box. I have my journal, water bottle, gym ID card, a bag of yummy trail mix, a tissue box, a book, my computer, and a gymnastics ribbon.


Here is where I keep my Pj’s, and my gymnastics clothes.


Here is my gymnastics bag, and soccer bag.

So, that’s my whole room!! Hope you enjoyed. Now, it’s time for Lindsey and Sam to show you their room!


Hi! Sam and Liz here! Today we are going to show you our room! (Liz is is green and Sam is in red, and both is black)


Here’s an overview.


Here’s our bed, and our stuffed animals. Um, let’s make it clear, your stuffed animals are the Chick-Fil-A cow, the Christmas bear, the white dog, and the mouse and seal. My stuffed animals are the brown dog, the England bear (he’s in the chair next to the pink pillow), and the white bear. Oh, sorry, Liz.


Here is my wonderful dog, Pepper, and my awesome dog, Coconut!!


Here’s my sewing nook!! On the table is my sewing machine, and then there’s Sam’s iPad.


Here’s our chair and Lindsey’s roller blades.

That’s out bedroom! Now it’s time for Saige to show you her bedroom.


Hello girls! Saige here, and I’m going to be showing you my bedroom! Let’s get started.


Here’s an overview of my bedroom.


Here is my bed. Don’t you like the pretty carving of the horse?


Here is my chest, I keep my Pj’s in there.


Here is my closet. I have a comfy chair, and my drawing station there!


Here’s a closer look at my chair and drawing station.


Here is where my adorable dog Meatloaf eats, sleeps, and plays (the black bin is where I keep his toys at), and where I keep my everyday accessories at.


Here is a closer look at Meatloaf :)

So, we hope you enjoyed part 2 ( we’re going to post part 3 tomorrow ;) )!!


Yours truly, Lindsey

With love always, Samantha ♥