A Sister Photo-Shoot


Hi, guys! Long time no post, huh? I mean I haven’t posted in awhile. Kit just posted yesterday. Anyways, today Lindsey and I had a photo-shoot! Hope you enjoy!


IMG_5645 IMG_5647 IMG_5651

Silly Lindsey ;)

IMG_5656 IMG_5659 IMG_5660 IMG_5664


IMG_5665 IMG_5667


Bye, Have a great day!

~Sincerely, Saige~

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  1. Totally adorable! I really wish I had Saige and I love Lindsey! ♥ She’s super cute! :) :D ;)

    ~ E m m a ♥

  2. I love saige’s hair, and Lindsay is just soooo pretty! Where did you get her awesome yellow shoes?????

  3. Thanks! Saige and Lindsey are both super great dolls if you want to get them in the future ;)

  4. Thank you! I got the yellow shoes (which I think are awesome too!) from the AG School Days Outfit. :D

  5. Thank you! Yes, they do. I would have done this photo-shoot with Samantha and Lindsey (since they’re twins), but I don’t have Sam right now.

  6. I really do! I really want to get:
    • MYAG #23
    • This MYAG: http://m.americangirl.com/mt/store.americangirl.com/agshop/html/set/id/1688/uid/86
    This MYAG: http://m.americangirl.com/mt/store.americangirl.com/agshop/html/set/id/1693/uid/86 (Mostly the first one)
    • Kit
    • Saige
    • Ruthie
    • McKenna
    • Emily
    And I kinda wanna get:
    • Kanani(?)
    • Mia(?)
    • Caroline(?)
    • Molly(?)
    • Julie(?)
    • Lindsey(?- What number is she? I forgotten.)

    That’s ALOT of dolls and I know that I defiantly won’t be getting all of them but I really want to get Ruthie before she retires(Maybe Isabelle as well) and Kit before she ‘retires’ from the Historical line to the Beforever line. :( Same with Caroline.
    I know you’re probably bored reading this…

  7. Wow, that is a lot of dolls! I have a lot of dolls I would like to get, too. I wanna definitely get both Ruthie and Ivy before they retire, but I’m not sure if I can. Oh, I wasn’t really bored reading this ;)

  8. Yeah IKR! XD I’m pretty sure that I won’t be able to get them though. :(
    And same. I mean, I find it seriously stupid that AG’s retiring FOUR dolls at once(Well, five in the whole year counting Isabelle) and their only Asian doll. I don’t get why they’re changing it to BeForever cause that looks more modern to me. I’ve seen Addy’s new look and it looks way to modern(I mean, it’s supposed to be historical!).
    Anyway, with my boring rant gone…
    I am pretty happy that they’re bringing back Samantha and rumours are that there’s going to be a 1950s doll named Emmy.
    Do you like the BF line?

    Oh, and do you want to be friends?

  9. Yeah, I don’t like Beforever either. It’s really stupid that they’re retiring the best friends. I’m happy that Samantha is coming back, but I didn’t like her sneek-peek of her new book. Did you read it?? I’ve heard that the 1950’s doll is gonna be named Grace Thompson. So I’m not really sure if the rumors are true. They might be, but I don’t think it will come out this year since Sam is coming out. I think it’d be cool, though! Sure we can be friends, but I don’t any personal information to people I have never met face-to-face.

  10. Yeah I am excited for Sam too and no, I haven’t read it(Where can I find it?).
    Well, Grace might be a GOTY since she has a full name? And I don’t think that the Historical doll is coming out this year either.
    Thanks and I completely understand(I’m not allowed to either) :)

    Have you got that store exclusive blue butterfly top thing? I want it soooooo bad but I don’t live in America… :(

  11. You can find it on their FaceBook page (and if you don’t have FaceBook, just go to their website and scroll down to the bottom and click on the FaceBook icon).

    I usually never get any of store exclusives, but I liked that top. They also have this adorable green maxi dress with flowers on it (it’s also a store exclusive).

  12. Thanks, I’ll go check it out then. :) :D
    Oh yeah, I’ve seen that- It’s cute! :)

  13. Thank you! Just in case you’re wondering, the photo-shoot you requested will be up today :)

  14. Hi,
    I had this really strange dream last night that I met you. LOL XD 😆😃

    And also where is the sneek-peek? I looked on Facebook but i couldn’t find it.
    Thanks. :)

  15. Lol, that’s kinda odd :P XD

    You have to scroll down to where the date is May 22 — that is when it was posted.

  16. Yeah I know right XD You had brown hair and light skin. I think you had brown or blue eys but I can’t remember. :)

    Ok thanks, I will try that. :) :D ;)

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