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Violet’s OOTD ♥ Peacocks


*Note: My OOTD will be changed to Tuesday instead of Thursday. We have a special surprise for you tomorrow!*

IMG_5220 IMG_5225

I look really lonely in this picture XD

I look really lonely in this picture XD

IMG_5221 IMG_5226

Oh, it’s so beautiful in Serbia! The air is fresh and the sun is shining. You hear birds chirping and bees buzzing. I love taking my OOTD photos here. To be honest, I really don’t want to go back to my home! But, when I do, I will definitely miss it here :)

What I’m wearing:

Purple shirt: Purple Peacock PJ’s (American Girl)

Jean capris: Our Generation (Target)

Purple sandals: Purple Espadrilles

Necklace: Marisol’s Meet (American Girl)

Have a fabulous day!!

~ V i o l e t  ♥  (Yeah, tried something new with my name.)

P.S. Two week’s ago winning outfit was…


Pink Blossoms!!