Hello, everyone, I have a huge apology to make.

I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted on here in over three weeks.

I’ve been busy with school, and other things, so I didn’t really have the time.

But, I promise by Thursday I’ll at least have a photo shoot up.

Also, I have moved my dollhouse (yep, again), but haven’t finished yet, so when I’m done with that I’ll have a huge dollhouse tour.

So, I bet you’re just really annoyed with update posts, huh?

Well, I’ll try not to post them as often. xD

Anyways, look forward to some type of post on Thursday.



P.S. As you’ve probably noticed, I changed up my blog look again. What do ya think?

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  1. Hey, don’t sweat it, school is a pain! As for “other things”, I get that, too. I have a pretty busy social life along with Band, Chorus, tutoring (other students), and photography club =/ I’m excited for Thursday! =D oh, and I love the new blog look ;D


  2. Don’t worry! I haven’t posted in a month and I feel really bad but my grandparents are over this whole week so I will not be posting again this week :/

  3. Thanks! Yeah, I don’t really either, but I can’t really help that ;) this look isn’t permanent, I think the one I have planned next is a lot better. ;D

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