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Violet’s OOTD ♥ Lots of Purple






Hi girls! Your fabulous fashionista, Violet, here!

Yes, again this weeks outfit has lots of purple in it. I think purple is an awesome color to wear in the spring/summer, so you’re going to see lots of outfits of mine this season that have purple in it! 

Today’s outfit has a purple striped maxi dress, with a purple cardigan to go over it, light purple shoes, and a lace belt. I think mixing different shades of the same color (in this case it’s purple) looks really fabulous (I guess fabulous my favorite word today, LOL!). 

Where did I get the pieces in my outfit?

Purple cardigan: Marisol’s Meet Outfit (American Girl)

Striped purple dress: the dollar store (It’s actually a baby dress!)

Purple shoes: Purple Espadrilles (American Girl)

Lace Belt: Unknown


 ~Violet ♥