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ADT: MAG #61


Whoa, two posts in one day?! Yay! Haha, I felt kinda bad just posting that lame update post, so I decided to do an ADT since I’m kinda behind in them xD. Today, I’ll be doing MAG #61 suggested by Maddie!



Here’s the beautiful #61! I think she’s adorable! :) Lots of people say she looks like Saige, but I don’t think so.


The differences between #61 and Saige is that, one: Saige has auburn hair, #61 has ginger hair.

Two: Saige has blue eyes and freckles, #61 has green eyes and no freckles.

I think #61 is beautiful, and if I got her, I would name her Ginger (Ginny for short),  or Melissa. What would you name her if you got her?

~ Abigail