ADT: MAG #61


Whoa, two posts in one day?! Yay! Haha, I felt kinda bad just posting that lame update post, so I decided to do an ADT since I’m kinda behind in them xD. Today, I’ll be doing MAG #61 suggested by Maddie!



Here’s the beautiful #61! I think she’s adorable! :) Lots of people say she looks like Saige, but I don’t think so.


The differences between #61 and Saige is that, one: Saige has auburn hair, #61 has ginger hair.

Two: Saige has blue eyes and freckles, #61 has green eyes and no freckles.

I think #61 is beautiful, and if I got her, I would name her Ginger (Ginny for short),  or Melissa. What would you name her if you got her?

~ Abigail

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  1. I think she is really pretty, and even she does look a lot like Saige(in my opinion, anyway), to me that doesn’t really matter, because one, they aren’t the same line, and two, Saige is retired. If I got her I might name her Raquel.

  2. I LOVE her!! Yeah, she really doesn’t look anything like Saige. I’ve seen quite a few pics of her and Saige together and 61’s hair makes Saige’s look brown! It’s crazy! If anything I’d say she looks like Felicity. But she has different shades of red hair and green eyes :)
    I’m going to name her Jenna when I get her :)

  3. Thanks for doing #61!!! If I bought her, which I’m considering (#61 is tied with #55 and Caroline), I’d name her Archer or Emery =)


  4. Isn’t she so pretty? I absolutely LOVE her! And you probably already know that I named her Jade :D
    Also, do you want to swap buttons? I’ve been meaning to ask you this, but I keep forgetting :P

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