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What They Think #1: Back to School


*So, you guys probably hate me now? I am SO sorry I didn’t get this post up last Thursday. I was SUPER busy that day, plus my camera died on me and I don’t have any batteries. It’s still dead, so this post is gonna be picture-less. Sorry! :)*

So you guys were probably looking forward to a photoshoot? Well, sorry to let you down, but I thought of something that I think you’ll like better. I’ll post this new ‘series’ about once a month, or whenever I have time. I’ll pick a topic, and I’ll let my dolls say what they think of it. Comment below if you want me to continue it! :) this month’s topic is ‘Back to School’. Enjoy!

Lindsey: “I’m just really glad school is in the winter, not summer, because summer is when the weather is really nice and you want to garden, not sit in a classroom doing school work. Winter is still nice, but you can’t plant things then.”

Kirsten: “I like school, but it’s not my favorite. I really don’t like shopping, so B2S shopping is super boring. Then I also don’t like it when it’s snowing and I have to go to school.”

Addy: “I don’t really hate school, but I don’t love it either. School is just really annoying when those days come were you either just wanna stay in bed all day cause it’s too cold out, or since it’s snowing you wanna play.”

McKenna: “School gets in the way of my life. Espesially gymnastics.”

Samantha: “I absolutely love going back to school! I love everything about it.”

Violet: “Me and McKenna actually agree on something: school gets in the way of our lives. The only thing I like about it is that I get to go shopping. But even then, I sometimes don’t like it because it’s school supplies shopping, not clothes shopping.”

Kit: “All of my life I’ve hated everything about school. Studying, homework, tests, reading, and writing… I hate all of it. Well, actually, I can’t say I hate everything about school, because I do really like lunch time.”

Saige: “I think school is okay, but it’s not my fav. I mean, I do like art, history, and geography, and I REALLY like school supplies shopping, but other than that I really don’t care for it.”

Ellie: “Oooooo, I LOVE everything about school!! From back to school shopping, math, science, and history, to homework, I LOVE IT!”

Ruthie: “I think school is wonderful. I love my English class, I’ve met lots of new friends, and I love my new teachers.”

Josie: “I am going to a new school this year, and at first, I was very nervous about it, but Samantha helped me through the first day, and it’s been going really well. English class is also my favorite.”

So, whaddaya think of it? Should I do more of these?

~ Abigail ♥

Welcome Home, Ellie and Ruthie!!


Hi everybody, McKenna here! Today I have some BIG news…

two new sisters came to live with us!!!!!!


Everybody was waiting for the new sisters to arrive!


“Does anybody know where Kit is?” I said. “You’d think she’d be out here by now, since her BFF is coming!”


“Hmmm, I don’t know? You know how she always sleeps in late anyways.” Samantha said.


“I don’t think she knows. I didn’t tell her.” Addy said. “Did any of you guys?”

“No.” Everybody replied.

“Well, then,” Addy started to say, “I guess she doesn’t know.”

Just then, the door bell rang! Violet went to get it.


“Hmm, I wonder what the new sisters will be like?!” Violet thought to herself as she walked to the front door. “Hopefully, one will like fash-“

Then, in mid thought, the door bell rang again.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” Violet said.


When Violet answered the door, someone said to her, “Hi! We really don’t know if we’re at the right place, but we’re looking for The Dazzling Dollies household. Is this the right place?” 

“Yep, it is! You must be Ellie and Ruthie, come in! The rest of the sisters are waiting for you downstairs.”


“Great!” Ruthie replied. “We’re glad we’re at the right place.”


“Guys,” Lindsey said, “I think they’re coming!”


Just then, they all walked in the room, and Violet introduced them saying, “These are our new sisters, Ellie and Ruthie!”


After everybody introduced them selves, we decided to take a group picture. 


Then we talked and got to know each other a little better. I found out that Ellie loves gymnastics, and Samantha learned that Ruthie likes to cook! :D

Then, Saige and I decided to take Ellie and Ruthie to their rooms.


“This is your room, Ellie!” I said to her. “Sorry it’s nothing fancy, we wanted to let you decorate it yourself.”


“Oh, don’t worry about it!” She said back. “It’s fine.”

Meanwhile, Saige was talking to Ruthie.


“OK, so Kit has know idea that you’re even here.” Saige said. “So she’s gonna be really surprised. I’ll leave you guys alone.”


“Kit? Are you awake? It’s me, Ruthie!”

“Huh? Ruthie? What are you talking about?” Kit said in a sleepy voice.


“Oh, Ruthie! What a surprise!”


“What are you doing here? I haven’t seen you in ages! When did you get here?”


“Sit down, then we can catch up.”


“I know! It has been forever. Ruthie said. “I came here with another girl named Ellie, and we’re moving in! I’ll be sharing this room with you.”

“Oh, really?” Kit replied. “I’m so excited!”

“So am I!” Said Ruthie.



Then Kit showed Ruthie around their room, and introduced her to Carrot Cake.

It was long day full of excitement, so after we had dinner and talked a little more, everybody went to bed early.

What was it like when you got a new sister?


Abigail’s Dollhouse Tour Part 3


Hi everyone! Here’s part 3 of the dollhouse tour, hope you enjoy it!!!!


Hi girls, Violet here!! Today I’m going to be showing you my bedroom, let’s get started…


Here is an overview of my bedroom. Did you notice that everything is pink?!?!



The first thing in my room is my comfy Hello Kitty chair (mom got it from Build-A-Bear Workshop in case you were wondering ;) ).


Here is my nightstand/desk, on it I have my binder and notebook, my American Girl magazine, my sunglasses, nail polish, my water bottle, my computer, a tiara, and some lip balm.


Here is my bed. Mom’s grandma made the bedding for me =)


On my bed I have a Christmas bear, an Angelica doll, and my sweet cat, Penelope!


I just had to show you a closer look at Penny (that’s what we call her for short)! Isn’t she sweet?

That’s the end of my room tour! Now it’s time for Addy, Kit, and Kirsty to show you their room.


Hi everyone! Today we’re going to be showing you our room! (Addy is yellow, Kit is green, Kirsten is in purple)


Here is our bed. Well, it’s pretty much the whole room.


Here is where Kirsty and I sleep…


…and this is where I sleep.


…And here is the side of the bed.


Here is our dolls.


Here is Addy’s dog Mocha, and Kirsten’s dog Zoey.


Here’s our nightstand.


 ….and here is my adorable bunny, Carrot!!




Saige forgot to show you her horse, Summer, in the last part, so, she said to show her today :)


So, that’s the end of the tour! If you have any questions, make sure comment down below!

~Violet ♥

~Kit XD

Love, Kirsten

~ Addy :)


Kirsten’s Day at the Park ♥ An AG photo story


Hello everybody! Yesterday I went to the park. I absolutely LOVE going to the park!!! There’s so much to do! You can swing on the swing, slide on the slide, climb on the rock wall, and so much more!! The park I went to even had a playhouse!! Would you like me to share some photos of me at the park? Well, here they are!!




This is when I first arrived at the park.



Weeeee!!!! On the swing!!



On the slide!!


Rock climbing!!!!! This is so fun ;)




At the playhouse :)

Now, here’s some extra pictures…


I <3 this picture


Laying on the swing…


Mom’s dog wanted to come with me so I let her, she’s such a photo bomber :P

So, those are all of the pictures!! Hope you enjoyed!

Do you like going to the park?

Love, Kirsten ♥

Abigail’s Dollhouse Tour ~ Part 1


Hello everyone!! Today we are going to be showing you our dollhouse! Hope you enjoy!


Hiya everyone!! Kit here, and today I’m going to be showing you the living room. Let’s get started!!


Here is a overview of the living room. It has a couch, bookshelf, and a T.V. !!!


Here is a closer look at the couch. Mom made this awesome couch from this link:


Here is the T.V.!! Mom made it from an AG clothes box and the just cut out pictures from magazines and taped them on there.


Here is the bookshelf! We just moved in to this house so the bookshelf doesn’t have anything on it yet ;)

Now it’s time for Kirsten to show you the bathroom…


Hi everyone! Kirsten here, and I’m going to be showing you the bathroom!


Here is a overview of the bathroom. We have a salon chair, sink, and a bathtub. The bathrobe on the salon chair is retired from American Girl Emily’s Robe and Slipper set and the hat thingy is from a Pj’s set that we got at a craft store.


Here is a closer look at the salon chair without the robe and hat. We got the salon chair from Our Generation (Target).


Here is the sink and the stuff under the sink. Mom made the sink out of a box that she cut a hole in, put a plastic bowl in the hole, then added a faucet (she got the idea from Basilmentos). The boxes under the sink is where  we keep our hair accessories.


Here are all of the things we have on top of the sink. Almost all of it came from hotels :)


… and here’s the bathtub! Mom made it kinda from the same way she made the sink, she got a box and made faucet to go on it.

And now I’m going to be showing you the kitchen!!


Here’s an overview of the kitchen.


Here is the kitchen. We got the kitchen from Our Generation (Target).


Here’s close-ups of everything in out kitchen.


Here’s our counter, it used to be a jewelry box!!


Here’s the stuff on out counter. We have a toaster, gumball machine, saltpepper shakers, and a fresh baked pie!


Now, here’s our table and chair!! Doesn’t the flower on the table look so pretty?

We hope you liked the house tour so far!!

Thanks for reading!

Love, Kirsten <3

…and Kit XD