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What They Think #1: Back to School


*So, you guys probably hate me now? I am SO sorry I didn’t get this post up last Thursday. I was SUPER busy that day, plus my camera died on me and I don’t have any batteries. It’s still dead, so this post is gonna be picture-less. Sorry! :)*

So you guys were probably looking forward to a photoshoot? Well, sorry to let you down, but I thought of something that I think you’ll like better. I’ll post this new ‘series’ about once a month, or whenever I have time. I’ll pick a topic, and I’ll let my dolls say what they think of it. Comment below if you want me to continue it! :) this month’s topic is ‘Back to School’. Enjoy!

Lindsey: “I’m just really glad school is in the winter, not summer, because summer is when the weather is really nice and you want to garden, not sit in a classroom doing school work. Winter is still nice, but you can’t plant things then.”

Kirsten: “I like school, but it’s not my favorite. I really don’t like shopping, so B2S shopping is super boring. Then I also don’t like it when it’s snowing and I have to go to school.”

Addy: “I don’t really hate school, but I don’t love it either. School is just really annoying when those days come were you either just wanna stay in bed all day cause it’s too cold out, or since it’s snowing you wanna play.”

McKenna: “School gets in the way of my life. Espesially gymnastics.”

Samantha: “I absolutely love going back to school! I love everything about it.”

Violet: “Me and McKenna actually agree on something: school gets in the way of our lives. The only thing I like about it is that I get to go shopping. But even then, I sometimes don’t like it because it’s school supplies shopping, not clothes shopping.”

Kit: “All of my life I’ve hated everything about school. Studying, homework, tests, reading, and writing… I hate all of it. Well, actually, I can’t say I hate everything about school, because I do really like lunch time.”

Saige: “I think school is okay, but it’s not my fav. I mean, I do like art, history, and geography, and I REALLY like school supplies shopping, but other than that I really don’t care for it.”

Ellie: “Oooooo, I LOVE everything about school!! From back to school shopping, math, science, and history, to homework, I LOVE IT!”

Ruthie: “I think school is wonderful. I love my English class, I’ve met lots of new friends, and I love my new teachers.”

Josie: “I am going to a new school this year, and at first, I was very nervous about it, but Samantha helped me through the first day, and it’s been going really well. English class is also my favorite.”

So, whaddaya think of it? Should I do more of these?

~ Abigail ♥

What I Got at the AGP ~ July 2014


Heya peeps! I’m finally getting around to post what I got at the AGP! Yay! lol :P

(*Note: My camera was acting up the day I took these pictures, so sorry if they’re bad quality*)


The first thing I got was Julie’s Birthday dress! I’ve wanted this dress for a long time, and I’m so happy I have it in my collection now! :D


Here’s Addy modeling her blue dress! This dress is SO gorgeous, and Addy looks really pretty in it :)


Next is Isabelle’s Coral sweater! I think it looks really cute on Violet, and it has a lot of mix-n-match potential.


Then I got the exclusive bathing suit!


Whoa, this is really blurry, sorry! :/

I also got Julie’s Floral Jumpsuit! I LOVE the 70’s, so I had to get this! It’s so cute!


Then I got the exclusive D.C. t-shirt. I absolutely LOVE this!!

PicMonkey Collage

Both Ellie and Kit look adorable in Kit’s Floral Print Dress!!! It’s SO, SO, SO cute! It has to be one of my favorite doll clothing items I own. ;)

And the last thing I got was…


 THE GUITAR SET!!! You guys do not know how long I’ve wanted this! Look forward to seeing lots of photo-stories with Saige and her new guitar :)

So, there’s everything I got at the AGP! If you want me to do a review on anything, just comment down below and I’ll do it :)


Welcome Home, Ellie and Ruthie!!


Hi everybody, McKenna here! Today I have some BIG news…

two new sisters came to live with us!!!!!!


Everybody was waiting for the new sisters to arrive!


“Does anybody know where Kit is?” I said. “You’d think she’d be out here by now, since her BFF is coming!”


“Hmmm, I don’t know? You know how she always sleeps in late anyways.” Samantha said.


“I don’t think she knows. I didn’t tell her.” Addy said. “Did any of you guys?”

“No.” Everybody replied.

“Well, then,” Addy started to say, “I guess she doesn’t know.”

Just then, the door bell rang! Violet went to get it.


“Hmm, I wonder what the new sisters will be like?!” Violet thought to herself as she walked to the front door. “Hopefully, one will like fash-“

Then, in mid thought, the door bell rang again.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” Violet said.


When Violet answered the door, someone said to her, “Hi! We really don’t know if we’re at the right place, but we’re looking for The Dazzling Dollies household. Is this the right place?” 

“Yep, it is! You must be Ellie and Ruthie, come in! The rest of the sisters are waiting for you downstairs.”


“Great!” Ruthie replied. “We’re glad we’re at the right place.”


“Guys,” Lindsey said, “I think they’re coming!”


Just then, they all walked in the room, and Violet introduced them saying, “These are our new sisters, Ellie and Ruthie!”


After everybody introduced them selves, we decided to take a group picture. 


Then we talked and got to know each other a little better. I found out that Ellie loves gymnastics, and Samantha learned that Ruthie likes to cook! :D

Then, Saige and I decided to take Ellie and Ruthie to their rooms.


“This is your room, Ellie!” I said to her. “Sorry it’s nothing fancy, we wanted to let you decorate it yourself.”


“Oh, don’t worry about it!” She said back. “It’s fine.”

Meanwhile, Saige was talking to Ruthie.


“OK, so Kit has know idea that you’re even here.” Saige said. “So she’s gonna be really surprised. I’ll leave you guys alone.”


“Kit? Are you awake? It’s me, Ruthie!”

“Huh? Ruthie? What are you talking about?” Kit said in a sleepy voice.


“Oh, Ruthie! What a surprise!”


“What are you doing here? I haven’t seen you in ages! When did you get here?”


“Sit down, then we can catch up.”


“I know! It has been forever. Ruthie said. “I came here with another girl named Ellie, and we’re moving in! I’ll be sharing this room with you.”

“Oh, really?” Kit replied. “I’m so excited!”

“So am I!” Said Ruthie.



Then Kit showed Ruthie around their room, and introduced her to Carrot Cake.

It was long day full of excitement, so after we had dinner and talked a little more, everybody went to bed early.

What was it like when you got a new sister?


A Sister Photo-Shoot


Hi, guys! Long time no post, huh? I mean I haven’t posted in awhile. Kit just posted yesterday. Anyways, today Lindsey and I had a photo-shoot! Hope you enjoy!


IMG_5645 IMG_5647 IMG_5651

Silly Lindsey ;)

IMG_5656 IMG_5659 IMG_5660 IMG_5664


IMG_5665 IMG_5667


Bye, Have a great day!

~Sincerely, Saige~

Roller Blading!! ~Photostory~


Rollerblading   ~Photostory~



Hi everybody! Addy here :D

Today, Saige and I went rollerblading. We had soooooo much fun!! Here’s how it went:


“Hmmm,” said Saige to herself, “I wonder if Addy would want to go rollerblading with me?”


“Hey Addy!!” Saige said to me, “Do you want to go rollerblading with me?”    “Huh?” I said to her, “I wasn’t listening.”    “I said,” she began to say again, “would you like to go rollerblading with me?”


“Oh, yes, I would love to go rollerblading with you!” I said, “But, there’s one problem,” I began, “We only have one pair of roller blades.”


“Oh, that’s not a problem,” she said to me, “We can share them!”


“You can go first,” she began, “I’ve been doing it all day, so it”s your turn.”


So, I got up, and put them on…


“You’re really good at it!” said Saige,    “Thanks,” I said back to her.


After I did it for awhile, I decided it was Saige’s turn. “Your turn, Saige!” I said to her.


“OK!” she said back to me.


After Saige roller-bladed for a little bit, we decided do go inside because it was getting cold :)


…Now, here’s some extra pictures from the day:



This is from my necklace (we rotated it for you so you could see it better)! It’s a retired bracelet (for humans) from American Girl®  that mom turned into a dollie-sized necklace!





…and here’s a photo of us together :)


Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Addy :)

Shoe Shopping!!


Hi everybody! Saige here! Yesterday I went shoe shopping. I normally don’t really like going to the store to shop for clothes or shoes, but I desperately needed some new cowgirl boots….


“Oh, Meatloaf,” I said, “I really need to get some new cowgirl boots, the ones I have now are really worn out, but I don’t know if I should really go, I mean, I really don’t like shopping.”


As I put Meatloaf down, I finally decided to go shoe shopping, being that I did really needed new boots. “OK, Meatloaf,” I said to him, “enough cuddle time, I have to go shoe shopping!”


When I arrived at the shoe store a sales-person greeted me, “Hello!” said the sales-person, “Welcome to the Shoe Store! Can I help you?” “No thank you,” I said, “I’m just looking around.”



“Oh, wow,” I said to myself, “There is a lot of shoes here! I wonder if I’ll ever find one pair of boots that I actually like.”

A couple of minuets later…


 “These boots are perfect for me!” I thought.


“Excuse me,” I said, “How much are these pink and brown cowgirl boots?” “They’re $20,”  said the sales-person. “OK, I’ll buy them!” I said.


“Will that be all?” said the sales-person as I brought my boots to the counter, “Yes,” I said to her, “That’s all”.


“OK then,” she said, “That will be $20”


…Then I handed her a 20 dollar bill.


“Thanks for shopping with us, have a nice day!” Said the sales-person as I walked out, “You too,” I said back.


“I can’t wait to try these boots on and show them to my sisters!” I said to myself as I walked out of the store.


I was so excited about my new boots, that when I came home I ask mom if she could do a photo-shoot with me, so she did! Here’s a couple of photos:




Hope you enjoyed!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely, Saige

PS. Did you notice that we got a new header?!?!

Abigail’s Dollhouse tour ~ Part 2


Hi, everybody!! We’re SO Sorry  took so long to post the second part of the dollhouse, we’ve been busy.

Anywhoo, here’s the rest of the dollhouse, hope you enjoy!!!!!


 Hey guys!! McKenna here! Today I’m going to be showing you my room (I really don’t care what the other sisters think, but I have the most awesome room in the house!!). Let’s get started!

Here’s the overview of my bedroom. Don’t you like my bedding?


Here’s my adorable dog, Cooper!! He’s the best dog ever <3 .



Here’s my desk/shelf/shadow box. I have my journal, water bottle, gym ID card, a bag of yummy trail mix, a tissue box, a book, my computer, and a gymnastics ribbon.


Here is where I keep my Pj’s, and my gymnastics clothes.


Here is my gymnastics bag, and soccer bag.

So, that’s my whole room!! Hope you enjoyed. Now, it’s time for Lindsey and Sam to show you their room!


Hi! Sam and Liz here! Today we are going to show you our room! (Liz is is green and Sam is in red, and both is black)


Here’s an overview.


Here’s our bed, and our stuffed animals. Um, let’s make it clear, your stuffed animals are the Chick-Fil-A cow, the Christmas bear, the white dog, and the mouse and seal. My stuffed animals are the brown dog, the England bear (he’s in the chair next to the pink pillow), and the white bear. Oh, sorry, Liz.


Here is my wonderful dog, Pepper, and my awesome dog, Coconut!!


Here’s my sewing nook!! On the table is my sewing machine, and then there’s Sam’s iPad.


Here’s our chair and Lindsey’s roller blades.

That’s out bedroom! Now it’s time for Saige to show you her bedroom.


Hello girls! Saige here, and I’m going to be showing you my bedroom! Let’s get started.


Here’s an overview of my bedroom.


Here is my bed. Don’t you like the pretty carving of the horse?


Here is my chest, I keep my Pj’s in there.


Here is my closet. I have a comfy chair, and my drawing station there!


Here’s a closer look at my chair and drawing station.


Here is where my adorable dog Meatloaf eats, sleeps, and plays (the black bin is where I keep his toys at), and where I keep my everyday accessories at.


Here is a closer look at Meatloaf :)

So, we hope you enjoyed part 2 ( we’re going to post part 3 tomorrow ;) )!!


Yours truly, Lindsey

With love always, Samantha ♥


Random post and some pictures


Hi, Lindsey here!! We’re so so so sorry that we didn’t post about Kenna’s birthday, or the dollhouse tour part 2. We’ve been really busy. Hopefully the dollhouse tour will be up Sunday, and McKenna’s birthday up on Monday. Since this post is kind of boring, we decided to add some pictures!! Here they are!!!


This is the picture that we sent in for Sunday Showcase from Doll Diaries — Kit got a new dress!!!


Saige in the rain.


Mckenna doesn’t really like this picture, she said it makes her look “girly”, but the rest of us like it!!


Kit looking out the window.

So, I hope you enjoyed the pictures!!

Yours truly, Lindsey

P.S.  Liv will also be doing her OOTD, just in case you were wondering ;)