Welcome Home, Ellie and Ruthie!!


Hi everybody, McKenna here! Today I have some BIG news…

two new sisters came to live with us!!!!!!


Everybody was waiting for the new sisters to arrive!


“Does anybody know where Kit is?” I said. “You’d think she’d be out here by now, since her BFF is coming!”


“Hmmm, I don’t know? You know how she always sleeps in late anyways.” Samantha said.


“I don’t think she knows. I didn’t tell her.” Addy said. “Did any of you guys?”

“No.” Everybody replied.

“Well, then,” Addy started to say, “I guess she doesn’t know.”

Just then, the door bell rang! Violet went to get it.


“Hmm, I wonder what the new sisters will be like?!” Violet thought to herself as she walked to the front door. “Hopefully, one will like fash-“

Then, in mid thought, the door bell rang again.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” Violet said.


When Violet answered the door, someone said to her, “Hi! We really don’t know if we’re at the right place, but we’re looking for The Dazzling Dollies household. Is this the right place?” 

“Yep, it is! You must be Ellie and Ruthie, come in! The rest of the sisters are waiting for you downstairs.”


“Great!” Ruthie replied. “We’re glad we’re at the right place.”


“Guys,” Lindsey said, “I think they’re coming!”


Just then, they all walked in the room, and Violet introduced them saying, “These are our new sisters, Ellie and Ruthie!”


After everybody introduced them selves, we decided to take a group picture. 


Then we talked and got to know each other a little better. I found out that Ellie loves gymnastics, and Samantha learned that Ruthie likes to cook! :D

Then, Saige and I decided to take Ellie and Ruthie to their rooms.


“This is your room, Ellie!” I said to her. “Sorry it’s nothing fancy, we wanted to let you decorate it yourself.”


“Oh, don’t worry about it!” She said back. “It’s fine.”

Meanwhile, Saige was talking to Ruthie.


“OK, so Kit has know idea that you’re even here.” Saige said. “So she’s gonna be really surprised. I’ll leave you guys alone.”


“Kit? Are you awake? It’s me, Ruthie!”

“Huh? Ruthie? What are you talking about?” Kit said in a sleepy voice.


“Oh, Ruthie! What a surprise!”


“What are you doing here? I haven’t seen you in ages! When did you get here?”


“Sit down, then we can catch up.”


“I know! It has been forever. Ruthie said. “I came here with another girl named Ellie, and we’re moving in! I’ll be sharing this room with you.”

“Oh, really?” Kit replied. “I’m so excited!”

“So am I!” Said Ruthie.



Then Kit showed Ruthie around their room, and introduced her to Carrot Cake.

It was long day full of excitement, so after we had dinner and talked a little more, everybody went to bed early.

What was it like when you got a new sister?


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  1. Congrats on your new dolls! I really wish I could get Ruthie but she’s sold out on the AG website which sucks. She went in a second!
    Hope you enjoy your new dolls! I might be getting some new dolls soon as well- but probably not AG dolls, we’ll see though.
    I’m on holiday in England right now but sadly my two dolls Jessica and Emma-Rose couldn’t come. I’ll have a new sister(And maybe more) for when I come back in a month.
    Thanks for posting on your awesome blog! :)

    ~ E m m a ♥

  2. Thank you, Emma! :) Yes, Ruthie did go very fast.

    Yes, I am! That’s really cool! Which ones will you be getting?

    Oh, you’re welcome, and thanks!

  3. Yeah Ruthie went so fast you couldn’t even blink! I think she went out faster then Molly and Emily! And they went pretty fast! So did Saige- I think… Last year I really wanted Emily and Saige(I wasn’t that fond of Molly then beacuse of her glasses but then I saw people who posted pics of their Molly dolls without her glasses so then I liked her a bit better) for Christmas but my parents couldn’t get them from the late notice and because it was a lot of money. I was heartbroken when we couldn’t get them! I did get Jessica instead though, so I was happy.


    Well today I’m going to the Disney store so I’ll try to get the Anna and Elsa which are about 14″ to 18″, I’m not too sure. Maybe some other ones as well. I will hopefully get some birthday money so I will spend that on a AG doll of I have enough of it. I’d probably get Kit or Caroline. Or maybe a MYAG. Do you have any Recommendations?

  4. That’s sad you didn’t get them. I really liked Emily, too, but I wasn’t able to get her and Saige at the same time either.

    I don’t have Caroline, but I really like her. Kit is a GREAT doll! She’s easy to take care of, and she looks good in almost anything. I really recommend her. If I were you, I would probably get Kit first, then Caroline because Kit will probably retire sooner than Caroline. :)

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