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My Entry for AGPC Challenge One!


Hi everybody! I decided to enter Maddie’s AGPC, so here’s my picture:

AGPC pic 1

Please use this photo for the voting.


Doll: Josie!!

Story behind the photo: After a long day of school, Josie loves to snuggle up with Cooper, in a big, comfy hoodie, with music, and a snack, doing her homework. Her outfit consists of a hoodie that I got from the local Amish Market, a blue long-sleeve t-shirt from the Pretty Plaid Dress  from American Girl, and exclusive jeans from the AGP.

The photo above is completely unedited except for the watermark.

Now, here’s some more photos!

IMG_8712 IMG_8713 IMG_8717 IMG_8718 IMG_8719 IMG_8723



Meet Josie!


Hello awesome people of this world!

So, my sister’s wonderful friend has given me one of her dolls, Josefina.

Thank you SO much!! (If you’re reading this)

Her name will be Josefina, but everyone will just call her Josie.

Here’s a picture of her:

edited josie

Isn’t she just adorable? :)

I have not fully decided on what her personality will be. Any suggestions??

Josie’s full name will either be:

  • Josefina Grace Montoya
  • Josefina Tessa Montoya
  • Josefina Leah Montoya

Which do you like best?

I took a couple other photos of her, too. Here they are:

edited josies face

editied josie sideways


(P.S. I’m so sorry I didn’t post about what I got at the AGP! My computer wasn’t really working (and still isn’t, right now I’m using my tablet), but hopefully I’ll be able to get it up soon.