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Hey, guys!!!! :D


Hiyo, everybody! Kit here with some AWESOME news. But before I get started, Violet would like to say something….

Hey, girls! I’m so sorry that I didn’t post my OOTD yesterday. My sisters and I have been super busy. Kit will explain the rest…..

Ok, I’m back. So, as Violet said before, we’ve been super busy. What have we been so busy about??? Well, we had to pack for………………………….



Yes, that’s right. We are in Europe! Lindsey, Violet, Saige, and I all went to Europe with mom! It’s awesome. Now, Lindsey will tell you the rest (She got to ride in the plane with mom while the rest of us had to be in a stinky suitcase. Lucky her ;) )

Hi, guys!! As Kit said before, we’re in Europe! Serbia is actually where we are mostly at. I’m so happy I got to go! Anyways, now I’ll be telling you how packing went and the plane ride!


Here’s what our suitcase looked like after we were done packing. Violet seriously does not have her priorities straight. She kept packing things she really didn’t need. Um, yes, I did need the things I packed. I needed tons of clothes for my OOTD posts, hair accessories, my bags, etc. Yeah, ok, Violet. What ever you say. 


Here’s all of us in our travel outfits. For some reason, Violet always has to look fashionable. She always has to wear her skirts. Always has has to have her hair nice. And always has to have pretty accessories. The rest of us, though, went with the comfy style. (Yes, we did bring Pepper and Meatloaf with us, they’re gonna be in some of our posts!)


Here’s all of my sisters in the suitcase. I felt kinda bad for them since I got to be free in the plane with mom. They had to stay in that suitcase for a whole week before we even left for our trip, then they would still have to be in there for the whole trip (which was 24 hours). Kit said that she had it the worst since she went in at the bottom of the suitcase under all of the other sisters. While we are on our vacation, we all have to live out of our suitcase. We have to sleep in there, eat in there, and play in there. 

 *NOTE: The camera we used was in the suitcase so we didn’t get to take pictures of the first part of our trip. Sorry!*


So, guess where I’m at now?!?!?!?!? The Switzerland airport! That was where our lay over was, then we’d get on another plane to get to Serbia (That’s where we are mostly at). The first flight was 8 hours long! I had to sit there in my seat for Eight. Straight. Hours. It was pretty boring. Anyways, here’s some pictures of the Switzerland Airport…

(The airport had really bad lighting so sorry if the pictures are bad quality.)



(Yeah, sorry, I look like a ghost XD )

IMG_4685     IMG_4719

Here’s the Swiss airplane.


Yay, In the plane!!


Looking out the window :)


Mom let me sit in her seat before we took off!


Now we’re up in the air! Look at those tiny houses. We were actually flying above the clouds, it looked so pretty! <3

When we got off the plane, Mom didn’t have time to get out her camera and take pictures, so I’m just gonna jump forward to the car ride home ;)


Ah, finally in the car. It was such a long flight, I really wanted to get home! I got to sleep a little in the car, though, since it’s a several hour drive from the airport to the place we are staying. It took us even longer to get to where we are staying because there was tons of flooding and detours. We saw people walking in their yards with water above their waist.

So now we are finally settled in and and are having a great time! On Tuesday we plan to post more about where we are :)

~Kit XD

Violet ♥

Yours Truly, Lindsey


Dollie-sized Fun Finds!



Hi yo, everybody! Kit here XD so, in the past couple of days, mom has been shopping for us. Total, she only went to 2 stores (and mom’s grandma went to a yard sale for us), and she got TONS of stuff for us!!! The 2 stores she went to were the dollar store, and Walmart.  So, let me show you what we got:



The first thing we got was this awesome trash can! Mom got it from the dollar store. They had it in other colors like blue and green, but she got red so it would match our kitchen. (By the way, do you notice anything different in the top photo with the trash can?)


The next thing is a new notebook (well, my notebook). Mom said that she got it green and blue stripes because it matched my style, so it’s going to be my new journal.



The next thing is these lamps! Again, mom got them from the dollar store. They’re actually solar powered, so they work!


The next thing is this dress. It’s also from the dollar store. We got another one in purple (Violet used it for her OOTD, if you want to see it, click here) too. This dress is for a baby, but we got it in the smallest size, so it works for dolls too!



The next thing is this suitcase! Mom got it from Walmart.  It can fits tons of stuff in it!



These are our new bowls that we also got from the dollar store!


The second to last thing we got was this mirror. It’s from the dollar store too.


And the last thing we got was this chair! Mom’s grandma got it from a yard sale.


Isn’t the design on the back pretty? I love how vintage it looks!!

So, that’s all of the stuff we got!

Have you found any Dollie-sized things lately?

~Kit XD

Post Ideas ♥


Hello happy people :). Kit here! We don’t want you to think that we don’t have anymore ideas for posts, but we want to know what you’d want to read! So comment down below telling us what ideas you have, such as a photo-story about going to the library, or a review of something.

Also, we just looked at our stats and we have 392 views on out blog, 12 followers, and views from the USA, Canada, Germany, and Australia!!! and we’ve only had our blog for 12 days!!


Oh, remember, comment away!

~Kit XD

Random post and some pictures


Hi, Lindsey here!! We’re so so so sorry that we didn’t post about Kenna’s birthday, or the dollhouse tour part 2. We’ve been really busy. Hopefully the dollhouse tour will be up Sunday, and McKenna’s birthday up on Monday. Since this post is kind of boring, we decided to add some pictures!! Here they are!!!


This is the picture that we sent in for Sunday Showcase from Doll Diaries — Kit got a new dress!!!


Saige in the rain.


Mckenna doesn’t really like this picture, she said it makes her look “girly”, but the rest of us like it!!


Kit looking out the window.

So, I hope you enjoyed the pictures!!

Yours truly, Lindsey

P.S.  Liv will also be doing her OOTD, just in case you were wondering ;)