EEK! Only 6 more days till Beforever! Are you excited? I am! Even though I don’t really like the new books, and Samantha, and Addy’s new meet outfits, I’m still really excited! I found this image off of Living A Doll’s Life:


 Exciting, huh? I absolutely adore Kit, and Julie’s new outfits! :D I heard that AG will be selling the new meet outfits separately, so that’s good news for me because I already have Kit, and Josefina and I really want/need their new meet outfits! I’m really glad that Caroline’s meet outfit didn’t change that much, because I really like her old one ;)

~ Abigail

P.S. wow, I just realized that I used the word ‘exciting’ a lot.  xD

P.S.S. In case you’ve realized, the reason I have 40+ posts all of the sudden from March on, is because I just put all of my TDD posts on here.

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  1. Cool, I don’t really like the changes at all but I guess i’m excited!
    i really like Julie’s new outfit, I will probualy be buying it :) And ew, Kaya’s short shirt! Well I guess I will tell you what I think when it actually comes out ;) -Hayley-

  2. I’m actually quite excited for BeForever now, I’m in love with Kit’s new meet outfit!!! I think I might just have to buy it XD


  3. That is really cool that AG will also sell the new meet outfits alone! I think they did make Kit’s eyes darker. I’ve never really liked Addy,but she looks super cute in that blue dress!

  4. They’re selling the meet outfit’s seperately?! Ooooh, I’m going to have to save up my money this fall! I LOVE Kit’s meet outfit, and Julie’s, and Rebecca’s, and Samantha’s! I also can’t wait to see their accessories! :D

  5. I don’t either because AG retired the BF dolls, and NOLA girls, and I don’t like the new books, but I pretty much like the other stuff ;)

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