Josie’s First Photo Shoot


Besides the few photos I took indoors of Josie for a post ago, I present to you Josie’s first real photo shoot:


Yes, all of these photos are edited.


Gotta love doll feet pictures ;)


How do you like her outfit?




Sorry there isn’t many photos, I took a lot, but ended up not liking most of them, so I just uploaded these.

Which photo is your favorite? Who would you like a photo shoot of next; Addy, Kit, or Ruthie?


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  1. Those are amazing! I really like the photo of her foot and the first the best. I also <3 how you edited them! Her outfit was adorable too! Where did you get the overalls? -Hayley-

  2. Josie is so cute and photogenic! I LOVE her outfit, the shortalls are too cute, as well as the little shoes ^.^ I’d like to see Ruthie next =)


  3. Beautiful photos! Josie is so pretty! I also LOVE her outfit!! I agree with Maddie, I would love to see a photo shoot with Ruthie next.

    ~ Mint

  4. Josefina looks soo beautiful! The photos are all really amazing,but the last photo is my favorite. I think you should do a photoshoot for Ruthie, she is really photogenic. When in the sun, Ruthie’s hair shows its beautiful natural highlights.

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