My Trip to AGP!!!



So I’m really sorry I haven’t been posting at all. I went to camp for a week (Which was super fun!!!), then guess where I went?!? Yup, the AG Place!!

I went to the D.C. store, to be exact. I had so much fun! I also got a few things, so hopefully I’ll be able to post about that on Tuesday.  Anyways, here’s some pictures of the store:

(*Note: I didn’t watermark these photos of the AGP, so please do not use them for your own use unless you ask me first.*)

Also, sorry if these pictures are bad quality, there was really bad lighting in the store. (Oh, and now that I’m looking back  at the photos, I realize that I didn’t get pictures of everything. Sorry!)

IMG_7014 IMG_7015

The front of the AGP!


I brought Ruthie with me, but this is the only picture I have with her in it. Oh, and I also just realized that it’s also the only one I have of Isabelle, too. :/

Next I’ll be showing you all of the historical displays:


Here’s all of the Special Edition sets! I love Kaya’s a lot, but I didn’t get it because it’s way too much m0ney :(

Here’s Julie and Ivy’s displays. . .




And Josefina’s . . .



Kaya’s. . .



Kit’s. . .


Caroline’s. . .


IMG_6995 IMG_6994


Rebecca’s. . .


I have no idea why Rebecca has those glasses on when they’re not even in her collection!  I guess someone just put them on her in the store.


Addy’s. . .


. . . And the poor Marie-Grace standing alone :( . . . IMG_6987

She’s so pretty! <3

Here’s the MAG displays:



You do not understand how much I LOVE this outfit. It’s just too adorable! :D


This is pretty much my favorite MAG ever. Everything about her is just adorable!



Here’s the new pets! I have to be honest, they are A LOT cuter in person than they are on the internet or catalog. I just LOVE the Datamation, Corgi, and the kitten!


I also love the snack cart! I would totally get it, if it only wasn’t so expensive.


The new Cheer Leading set, and Star Hoodie outfit.


I love all of the outfits here!!


IMG_7004 IMG_7003 IMG_7002

So those are all of my pictures from the AGP! Again, I’m really sorry that I didn’t get pictures of everything.

See you (hopefully) on Tuesday,


P.S. Today’s shout-out goes to My AG World!

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  1. Looks like a fun trip! I’m glad you posted these because you can get a better idea of how the sizes of some of the things are in comparison to the dolls, it’s hard to tell from the website or a catalog sometimes. Now I totally want Coconut, the pets are so cute!

  2. You could make your own snack cart. I went to AG place D.C. about a year ago it was the best!!!!
    Also I love that outfit with the yellow shirt also, it so solo cute! I think I am going to get it soon :P


  3. Hayley: Oh, really? Cool, I’ll have to look into that. ;) Yes, I’ve been to both the NYC and D.C. store and I think I like the D.C. store a little better :)

  4. I have seen a tutorial on ow to make the snack cart on AGbecca’s youtube, it is really cool. When I went to the AG place I went with my friend americangirlguide.

    P.S. What do you think my next post should be?

  5. Hayley – Ok, I’ll check it out!
    I know that your blog is all about DIY doll things, but maybe you could do a photo story or something?

  6. Yeah I am going to do a post soon on my dollhouse, do you think that would be cool? Also another one will be coming out after that of a swap I am doing with my friend American Girl Guide : )


  7. hey Abigail!! looks like you had fun!!! i went there two years ago. itwas super fun!! i didnt stay there long because my two aunt and grandma( i was visiting relatives) were there and we didnt want them to wait too long. thats when i got katheryn. i went through the entire mall to get there so it took a while. what day did you go(or was it today)? cant wait to see what you got.


    i might be going the the AGP in minneapolis this fall on my way to my grandmas!!
    Do you live near D.C.?
    do you have a innerstaru account for lindsey or did you get her before AG invented innerstaru?

  8. Hi, Emily! Yes, I did have fun :)
    That’s awesome that you went there! I went to the store last Sunday :D
    I hope you can go, I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun :D
    No, I was just passing through.
    Nope, sadly I don’t, I got Lindsey before InnerStarU came out. ;)

  9. Loren – Yup, they are! ;) Yes, I did get a few things, I was gonna post about them today, but my computer isn’t working that well, so that probably means I can’t :(

  10. When will u post what u got at the AGP?? That’s awesome that u got Pinterest. My sister is on it everyday and is addicted to it!!!


  11. Emily – I was planing to post about it on Tuesday, but my computer wasn’t working that well. I’m not really sure when I’ll be able do it, cause it’s still won’t work. :/ i love Pinterest, too! :)

  12. I’ve only been to American Girl Place in Vancouver ,B.C,Canada (It’s a small portion of the chapters on Robson street.) I plan to get to an AGP in the U.S.A next year.

  13. Hi!
    I hope you had fun there – I wish I could go to an AGP!
    I love it how Cecile’s hat is next to Marie-Grace – either a nod to her poor sold-out friend, or someone just put it there like somebody did with Rebecca’s glasses!

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