Beachy Blogger Award, Your Blog Makes Me Happy Award, Victory Award, and Snowflake Award!



Hi everyone! Leah from ToDOLLy Awesome, Liberty from California Harmony Dolls, Ginny and June from Small Town American Girlz, and Eve from My AG World nominated me for the Beachy Blogger Award. Thank you so much! This is my first award here on this blog. :)

Here’s Leah’s questions:

How long have you been collecting dolls?
I think about 7 years now! I got Lindsey on Christmas of 2007.
Do you shop Etsy?
I love Etsy, but I never buy anything from any of the shops. :/
Which of your doll’s personalities is your favorite?
Either Saige’s, Ellie’s, or Samantha’s. If I had to choose one, though, I’d probably choose Saige’s.
Which of your doll’s personalities is most like you?
Definitely Saige’s!
Do you play any sports?
Yes, gymnastics!
Is your hair long or short?
My hair is long. 
Do you actually live near a beach?
Um, I guess so. :)
What’s your favorite article of doll clothing?
If you mean out of my collection, I have no idea what so ever. But if you mean in general, I love doll shorts and dresses!
Have you ever won a giveaway?
Nope. :(
Do you have any custom dolls?
No, but I would love to customize a Felicity into a boy doll.

Now here are Liberty’s questions:

How many dolls do you have?
I have 10 dolls.
What is your favorite doll brand?
American Girl of course!
Do you live by a beach?
I guess so.
Do you play any sports?
Yep, gymnastics!
What is your favorite season and why?
Winter is my favorite season! I love it because, 1) Christmas and my birthday are in that season! 2) Because I love sweaters, boots, and scarves. 3) I love snow, hot chocolate, and apple cider!
What is your favorite color?
Deep turquoise and pale yellow. It has to be the exact color, I don’t like anything in between.
How old is too old for dolls?
What is your favorite dog breed?
I love Golden-Doodles and Huskies!
Do you have any custom dolls?
Nope, but I wanna customize a Felicity into a boy doll.
When did you start your blog?
I officially started blogging on March 18th, 2014 on my other blog. But I made this one on June 14th, 2014. :)

Here are Small Town American Girlz’s questions:

Who is your favorite Historical Character? Why do you have to make me answer this question?! There’s so many I like so I can’t choose just one!
What is your favorite clothing item from AG? 
Again, I can’t choose! :)
What is your favorite book? (AG or not) 
I love all books!
How many AGP’s have you been to?
I’ve only been to the New York store twice, but I’m going to the D.C. store 
this month! :D

Would you rather get a new doll from AG, or get a cheaper TLC doll and fix her up? Probably get a new one from AG!
How long have you been blogging? I officially started blogging on March 18th, 2014 on my other blog. But I made this one on June 14th, 2014.
Would you rather do a photoshoot at a beach or in the mountains? 
Oh, I’d LOVE to take a photo shoot of my dolls at the beach! I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, but for some reason never have.
Have you ever been to an AG event? 
Do you shop for dolls/clothing/furniture for your dolls on eBay? Yeah, kinda. I bought Saige’s bed on eBay and I think maybe some accessories. That’s about it.                                                                                                                  
Have you ever had to send one of your dolls to the AG Hospital?
 Yes, I had to send Saige to the hospital because she was defected when I got her.

I officially started blogging on March 18th, 2014 on my other blog. But I made this one on June 14th, 2014. :)

Thanks again! Now here are my nominations for the ‘Beachy Blogger Award’:

Now Showing
The Abbot Doll Family
American Girl Northwest
Among the Dolls
The Dolls of Sweet Nokia Street
Four Friends in College
Happy House of AG


Now here’s the ‘Your Blog Makes Me Smile Award’ that Hannah from AGDTime nominated me for!

Here are her questions:

Which is the closest beach to you?
I can’t say!
Do you have a pet?
Yes! I have two cats and a dog.
What do you like better, Youtube or Blogging?
I love watching stop-motions, but I also like blogging! So I guess blogging :)
What’s your favorite doll/regular blog?
Please don’t make me choose ;)
What’s your favorite color?
Deep turquoise and pale yellow.
Have you ever been on a vacation to a beachy place?
Uh, I’m not really sure…
Least favorite thing to do?
School! Especially math.
Favorite thing to do?
Blogging, looking at my favorite blogs, playing with my dolls, drawing, playing my guitar, reading. Sorry I couldn’t choose just one! =)
Dream job?
When I grow up, I’d like to be a veterinarian, scientist, artist, photographer, gymnastics teacher, and a writer. :)
Youtube or TV? 
Youtube totally! 
Thanks for nominating me! For the ‘Your Blog Makes Me So Happy So Happy Award’! For this award, I nominated:
 Little House of American Girl!


I was also nominated for the ‘Victory!’ award by Maddie over at DollsOnMyMind. Thanks!

Here are her questions:

1.) How long have you been blogging? I officially started blogging on March 18th, 2014 on my other blog. But I made this one on June 14th, 2014. :)
2.) Who/what inspired you to start your blog? People like Jaclynn, Carli, and Hannah inspired me! :)
3.) How do you feel about BeForever? I’m not really sure.
4.) Have you ever customized a doll? Nope.
5.) How many AG stores have you been to? I’ve only been to the New York store twice, but I’m going to the D.C. store this month! 

6.) If you could choose another Historical Character to bring out of the Archives with Samantha, who would you choose? Totally Felicity!

For the Victory Award, I nominate: California Harmony, Saige4crafts, Oh My Dollies!


Amber nominated me for the Snowflake Award! Thank you.

1. Which AG doll with curly/wavy hair would you get that you don’t already have?

I would love to get Caroline, Rebecca, and MAG #58.

2. What MAG doll would you create? (Describe her)

She’d have really long straight brown hair, green eyes, fare skin, and the classic face mold.

3. Sweet, salty, spicy, or sour?

Either sweet or salty!

4. What is your favorite candy brand?

Anything Reese’s!

5. MAG, Historical, or GOTY?


6. AGSM, AGPS, Opening videos, live videos, or series like Aspen Heights?

AGSM, or Series!

7. Favorite AGtubers?

Basilmentos, FiveDollStars, Girl of The Year Studios (She left, though. :( )

8. Favorite color?

Turquoise and yellow.

9. Next AG doll?

Julie Albright!

10. Favorite GOTY?

Either Chrissa, Kanani, McKenna, or Saige. :)

So I nominated pretty much almost everyone I know of, so I nominate anyone who would like to take this award :)

Here are my questions for both the ‘Beachy Blogger Award’ , the ‘Your Blog Makes Me So Happy Award’, the ‘Victory!’ Award, and the ‘Snowflake Award’:

What dolls do you want next?
Do you have any pets? If so, how many and which kind(s)?
Are you happy about ‘Beforever’?
What do you think 2015’s GOTY should be like? Explain her.
Boots or flip-flops?
Favorite flower?
Favorite doll out of your collection?
Favorite color?
When did you start blogging?
Dogs or cats?

Thanks again to everyone who nominated me for these four awards! :D


P.S. Did you notice my new blog design? How do you like it? :)

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  1. Thank u I will post about it on now showing.I love the new design
    By the way do u know how to post pictures since wordpress got a new design.

  2. Your new design is cute!! We didn’t know your blog was so new! We started ours on July 11, 2014, just a few days before you. Isn’t that weird?

  3. I want to be a gymnastics teacher too! btw I nominated agdtime and she nominated you! :)

  4. ilovehorses: You’re welcome, and thank you! :)

    Oh, I think it’s the same way you did it before. Just click the ‘Add Media’ tab when you’re about to post and then you can upload pictures there. :)

  5. Congrats on being nominated!!! You had fabulous answers =) thanks for nominating me! I love the new design =) ♥


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