I’d Like to Introduce to You My Newest Dolls — Ruthie & Ellie!




Yup, that’s right, I got two new dolls! My parents surprised me with them both last week. I got……………




Ruthie Smith!!!!


and Eleanor (Renamed Ivy Ling)!!!!!!

I’m so happy that I was able to get them both before they retired. They’re both gorgeous dollies, and very photogenic.


Ruthie’s eyes are beautiful, and her face is so sweet! I’ve played around with her hair a little, and I think she looks best in pigtails, clip, or ponytail.


Ellie is very unique, I think it’s her almond shaped eyes. She adds a lot of diversity to my collection. Her haircut is a-doll-able! She looks great in pigtails.

So Ruthie’s full name is Ruthie Anne Charlotte Smith. I love the names Ruthie, Anne, and Charlotte on her and I couldn’t decide whether or not to rename her! I  finally decided to keep her first name Ruthie, and have her middle names be Anne and Charlotte. That way, she can have all of them. ;)

Eleanor’s full name is Eleanor Ivy Rose Ling (but she’ll just be called Ellie). I like the name Ivy on her, but I’ve always wanted an Asian doll and name her Eleanor, so I decided to rename her.

I’m so happy with these dolls! Sadly, I know Ruthie is COMPLETELY sold out, but Ivy is still available (but in limited quantities). Later, I will be doing a tribute to both of them, they deserve it. :)

Do you have Ivy and/or Ruthie? Are you happy about ‘BeForever’?


P.S. Plan on seeing a Welcome post on The Dazzling Dollies next Thursday for these new sisters! ;)

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  1. Congrats on your new dolls! I wish they never did Be Forever, I really like Ivy. Your photos are really pretty. I like the last one of Ruthie.

  2. You sure are blessed by your parents ! I hope can have enough money for Cecile before she retires. ;(

  3. Hi Abagail it’s Ilovehorses I love your new dolls. All of the dolls are selling out fast. I have ruthie I LOVE her her hair is so easy so style and it really does not get tangled. I am OK about be forever Yay new stuff but oh no what if AG totally ruins it. >3

  4. I have Ruthie, and I’ve been telling my mom that I really want Ivy. A box just came in the mail that looks about doll-sized, so we’ll see!
    I don’t like BeForever because they’re retiring all the friend dolls. I love them all, and I think that that was not a very good idea on their part.

  5. ilovehorses: Hi! Thank you. I didn’t know you had Ruthie, that’s really cool! Yes, her hair is very easy to take care of. I don’t really like BeForever.

  6. The Little Things: Oh, that’s so awesome! I hope you get her. :)
    Yeah, it does really stink that they’re retiring the Best Friend dolls. :(

  7. I don’t really like the idea of beforever but I do like Samantha coming back because I really like her but I missed out on her

  8. Amber: I think it’s kinda cool that Sam is coming back, but AG has changed her a little, and that stinks :/ So does the whole BeForever thing.

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