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Where I live, it’s been Sweater weather. Yesterday it snowed, and today was still chilly, so I decided to wear a pink sweater with leggings and boots. This is one of my favorite outfit combinations, it’s perfect any day (if it’s cold)!!!

Where did I get the pieces in my outfit?

Pink sweater: Hobby Lobby

Leggings (not shown): Cozy Sweater Outfit (American Girl)

Gray boots: Pretty Pink Coat (American Girl)

Purple hat: Marisol’s Meet Accessories (American Girl)

Is it cold where you live?

~Violet <3

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  1. It snowed here too! :) I did a photo shoot with Felicity out in the snow! I dressed her in her colonial dress, and cardinal cape to keep her warm! :) i love that outfit your doll is wearing! :)

  2. Oh, I love snow :), it looks so pretty when the trees are covered. Does Felicity like the snow too? I bet the photos look really nice. Are you going to post them on your blog? Thank you!

    ~Violet ♥

  3. Yes she does! We love the snow, but are getting tired of it always being cold! We’re ready for spring weather!
    I will be posting them later on today, or tomorrow! So keep a look out for them! :)

    <3 Tg

  4. Yeah, that’s true too, I’m totally looking forward to spring too :). Can’t wait to see your photos!!

    ~Violet ♥

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